Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vintage Summer Fridays

Ooh la la this is a bad pic!
HI! For the next few Fridays I will wear and feature something vintage. Yes, I know today is Saturday so maybe by next week I'll get on the right page. For now let's talk about yesterday.
I bought this Sassoon jumper dress at least 10 years ago at Olive's Vintage in Brooklyn and have been wearing it ever since. [I ought to have a picture somewhere of me in it--friends, do you? Taking one with my phone was not really working.] It's a go-to summer favorite because it has pockets--easy to grab a few bucks and the keys and go. So not only is the dress vintage/old, it is now old in my wardrobe. I wonder if anyone is saying "why is she wearing that same old dress again?!"
So, do you wear vintage? Or do you think it's just plain old? Thoughts?

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