Sunday, August 18, 2013

Optimistic Suspense

Hi all!
So exciting! I just figured out how to edit the HTML code to change the Optimistic Crafts font on my logo/heading! The rest of my formatting still needs some work, but I'm getting there.
Speaking of getting somewhere...

Hmmm. Wonder what this is?...Well, I know the answer, but for now, friends, I will create a little suspense!  ...and go back to my DIY web-learning. What have you been learning/crafting?
Have a good week!
Optimistic Crafts

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crafting's Mystery-factor

Working on another new project this week. A knit tank top from Burda Style. The pattern is free!

I had been given some slubby silk/cotton blend yarn and this seemed like the perfect thing for it. I don't usually care for racer-back styles, so I planned to modify it. As it is turning out, I ended up with less of a 'Y' shape, but still it still goes in pretty far across the back. Not what I planned exactly, but since it will be worn layered anyway, I think it will still look great. Kind of hard to photograph, but here are some progress shots.

back of tank - in progress

Loving the texture!
back finished!
This material is really stretchy. It looks ok on the mannequin, but she's not as big as me! I think it is going to be too short, so I am going to make the front and then see if I need to do something creative to add length to the hem on the whole thing. Just goes to prove that there's always a bit of mystery in any crafty project!
Have you ever made something you weren't sure about as you were doing it? Did it turn out ok... or did you end up modifying... or is it left unfinished? Would love to know.
Ciao for now, crafty people.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dolly! And doilies, and 80's vests, oh my!

Hi readers!
Recently I was able to acquire a treasure trove of vintage yarn craft and needlework patterns booklets dating from the 30's up to the 80's. I am in heaven flipping through them for ideas and just plain fun! Among the treasures...
I found my knit dolly! [made by a family friend for me when I was little]
 from Coats&Clark booklet 1973
mine--a little worse for wear!
And doilies!

And lots of 80's vests. Yikes! (I'll spare the pics on that subject).
That aside there are also some really awesome silly-cute things and many many fashionable pre-80's garments. Can't wait share more of these with you soon for great crafty inspiration! Also working on improving the blog design (don't forget I am still a beginner, after all), and there are some very optimistic things in the works to tell you more about soon! 
All the best!
Optimistic Crafts