Monday, September 3, 2012

Sewing Progress Report

Wow. Lately have been pretty productive! Finished making this a couple weeks ago--the top in the middle...

(Will post an actual picture soon--see tiny herringbone print fabric swatch.) It turned out great and was really easy. I admit I left it hanging without a hem for about a month before finishing as is my usual procrastination method.

The same weekend I started on this, knowing I'd have to work quickly since it's a summery dark grey on black searsucker sheer cotton fabric.
And as of yesterday, it's done! (I know, need pics! I'll wear it this week.)
Another one that I'll make again, for sure. The armholes are very tight though, so must remember to make them a little bigger.

Also, I've been managing to knit A LOT on the wrap cardi the last few weeks while watching the TV series Borgia, among other things, on Netflix. Watching scandalous tales of history while knitting=fun!
How crafty were you this weekend?

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