Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Latest Obsessions

Among many current obsessions...
Pile of fabric awaits.
Fall garments
It’s that time of year when the chill begins and I start wishing I had already created some new things for my fall wardrobe.
This is just some of the fabric in my stash longing to be turned into something.
Yarn, yarn, yarn!
With "I love yarn day" coming up on the 12th, I thought I couldn't get much more excited about Yarn! Then I discovered Roman Hills at the New York  Maker Faire this past weekend. Now that I have explored their site and blog I really should have stayed and chatted with them a little longer—they seem like a lot of fun!
I can’t wait to finish a project to put it up on their site! They share my enthusiasm for DIY and they were also at the Maker Faire with fun projects. Kollabora at Maker Faire 
There are a lot of interesting crafty people involved in this new endeavor. Looking forward to keeping up with their project inspirations and to seeing what else they're up to as the holiday seasons approach. If you are familiar with the site, leave a comment. I'd love to check out your projects if you are participating!
...well, that wraps up some recent discoveries for now. More to follow!

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