Sunday, May 21, 2017

Summer Sew-Along

H Readers!
If you didn't see our recent social media posts, we're doing a sew-along!
Elisabeth has long been a fan of Burda Style patterns and the collection they posted recently has so many cute/pretty summer styles that one of our reader's suggested a sew-along... and we're game! 
Here is the collection.
Pick your favorite and a runner up. Post your answer in the comments. (or see our Facebook or Twitter posts and comment there)

TIMELINE  - this is a suggested structure - up to you to go at your own pace - we'll be using our Saturday studio time to work. You can join us in person or work on your own. See more info at the end of this post.

Now - 5/29 Vote! Leave a comment with your choice.

Purchase and download the chosen pattern (or your fave). Gather up your supplies and fabric. If you're in NYC area, join our Astoria shopping meetup on Thursday 6/1. Elisabeth will meet you at Astoria Fashion Fabrics  on 30th Avenue around 6:15-6:30 (they're open 'til 7), then we'll have a drink at Sweet Afton nearby and talk about our project. You can also check out Broadway Silk if you have time beforehand.

6/3 - cut out and assemble your pattern
-at the studio, we have 2 large tables, plenty of scissors and tape + tissue paper for tracing if you like to trace instead of using the printed paper. Pay-what-you-wish studio fee.
[it's also a Knitting Saturday! Beginner Class at 1 and Intermediate at 3]

6/10 - cut your fabric and prepare the pieces for sewing
[it's also a Crochet Saturday! Beginner Class at 1 and Intermediate at 3]

6/17 - start sewing! - once the pattern is chosen we can break this further into steps

6/24 - studio is CLOSED - but you can keep sewing if you're working at home! 

7/1 - we're open - keep sewing! --should be about done by now

7/8 - catch-up finish-up day

7/9... wear your creation! Another meetup perhaps?

The goal is to encourage you to make something - your level of participation is entirely up to you. We'd love it if you join us in our studio and/or share photos of your progress. You can choose whatever pattern you like, but we'll make whichever one gets the most votes. 

If you want to learn to sew, we can provide tutorials for $15/hour on our machine or yours if you want to bring it. If you know how to sew, but don't have a sewing machine, come use ours we'll come up with a package price for the sew-along.
Lastly, let us know if you have questions. Reply here, send an email, or message us on social media +Optimistic Crafts , @OptimisticDIY on Twitter and Instagram or OptimisticCrafts on Facebook.
Optimistic that it will be sew fun!
for Optimistic Crafts

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  1. ...and the winner is...
    the wrap dress #112B