Sunday, July 16, 2017

Updated Optimistic Summer Sew-Along Timeline

Hello there! 
Back in May we were pretty Optimistic about our sew-along. Now, here is an updated timeline! Hopefully you have completed the beginning stages of buying the pattern and fabric, preparing the fabric and pattern and getting all pieces ready to sew. Remember to comment here and/or on our Facebook page with your progress. 
7/15 6/17 - start sewing! - once the pattern is chosen we can break this further into steps. Come use one of our machines in the bright studio space on Astoria Blvd. or work at home to get started stitching.  

6/24 - studio is CLOSED - but you can keep sewing if you're working at home! 

7/22 7/1 - we're open - keep sewing! --should be about done by now – just kidding. Keep sewing! Elisabeth is making progress... top and skirt parts connected. Hard to see on little mannequin lady. Next waistband/tie/wrap sections.

7/29 7/8 - catch-up finish-up day –hemming and finishing day.

8/5 7/9... wear your creation! Another meetup perhaps?  Yay! Aim for 8/17 Happy Hour somewhere in Astoria - tbc.
Can't wait to see your creation!

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