Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slow Summer

Greetings crafty friends! I hope your summer is going well so far. Mine has been a little slower than I'd like in the craft department, but optimistically I hope to report some finished projects soon... and of course will be starting more in the meantime since that's my M.O. 
Speaking of SLOW. The Slow Movement is something I've had my eye on for a while now. It really ties in with the DIY Movement, and perhaps you've heard of the Slow Food Movement? Not a new concept, but one I think is relevant. This is probably not the best article about it, but here's something about Slow Crafts if you want to do some reading on the subject. 

More inspiration I've found lately comes from Buzzfeed DIY. There are these projects for using leftover yarn . I want to do almost every single one! Especially this one:
Cork trees! Already thinking of cool weather!
I also like these ideas for upcycling old sweaters: sweater ideas. I have a few old ones I was thinking of giving to Salvation Army and now I am for sure going to make these arm/wrist-warmers from one. My old sweater is actually pretty close to this color, too!

I put the tree idea on my Pinterest page. You can check out all my yarn inspiration there @ OptimisticDIY...and while you're at it, follow me on Twitter with the same handle, if you like. (I'm not tweeting much, yet though).
Keep cool and keep crafty,

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