Sunday, July 7, 2013

Optimistic Project Status

Hello there! Well, with the long weekend, I have been working on crafty stuff and gathering ideas for more. So here's where things stand at the moment on some of the things I've mentioned in previous posts. In case you're wondering.
Knitting the cardi-wrap and relaxing in the airconditioning. Finished the left front panel and on to the right one. 
Starting a new crochet project: The Acorn Shrug. I have this one saved on Kollabora [fun DIY site--so many cool, creative people there], but the pattern and the yarn is from LionBrand. It's  Wool Ease in "Sienna".
 I think this color was discontinued because I got it cheap back in the winter from their site. Not really sure about the color --almost the same as the example!--or the style (for me), but it is an easy project to work on between other things.
Next steps for the summer sundress sewing project involves ironing. But I really want to wear the dress! #conflicted but still optimistic that I'll actually finish a summer project before summer is over! 

Parallelogram Pillow. Knitting done and bound off! Need pillow form. Need to decide on fabric for the backing. Need to block the yarn--will take forever to dry in this humidity.

So many other ideas not sure which ones to start on next!
...but more on that next time.
Hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July Weekend!

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