Monday, September 30, 2013

Hat knitting links and progress

Hi! Wow, it's been a little while since I posted. Since then, my page views have now passed a whopping 1000! So thank you if you are reading this! 
Fall is upon us and I am getting inspired by cooler weather. How about you? I would love to do some sewing--absolutely obsessed with Prada's fall line! Check out the video (and if the clothes aren't awesome enough, music by the Cocteau Twins!!!)
Despite the urge to sew, knitting and crocheting have still been my focus lately. Yay knitting! the ad by Chanel.
Kollabora is inspiring some knit hat-making with their 10 fave knit hats and I started making a one from a pattern I found on Ravelry. Always starting, optimistic that I will finish! Here it is in progress--I took it off the circular needles to check the fit. 
Beginnings of a hat
Acorn Shrug progress - 3 skeins and going strong.
Making progress on  the Acorn shrug--it is coming along nicely! What are the odds that I'll finish it before I start something else? Hmmm. Have you started anything, finished anything?
So much yarn-y stuff going on! Other Optimistic ideas... the 30 day sweater challenge. Do it! And October 11th is I love yarn day! Let's celebrate!
More soon from 
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