Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crawling Along - Brooklyn NYC Yarn Crawl Review

Hi Readers!
This past weekend there was a "yarn crawl" in NYC. Yarn stores gave discounts and had special events encouraging visitors to go to each one, like a pub crawl. I went with a group of knitters from my Astoria meet-up connections, organized by one creative pro knitter who wanted to check out the Brooklyn shops. There were 6 of us of various knitting backgrounds including a self-proclaimed "yarn snob", the previously mentioned creative pro and one totally new knitter who had never been to a yarn store (!!!). 
bench covering at La Casita

It was a fun day starting off with Kir Royales, yarn, brunch, yarn, yarn and a long train ride--knitting all the way--back to Astoria. 
dissections at La Casita Yarn Shop
La Casita has a wonderful vibe and packs A LOT into a small space including a cafe with drinks and coffee. They had this cool dissection diorama! Amazing work.

Brooklyn General is just an all out dream space. A little out of the way but HUGE! They also carry fabric and sewing supplies, including Colette patterns--I'm such a fan of theirs and I wrote about them back in May in this post.
Argyle Yarn Shop
Argyle is another inviting spot with great price points and a FABULOUS selection of books and pattern magazines. The owners and staff were amazingly friendly. We stayed there awhile.
All in all a great day full of inspiration! Did you find any inspiration last weekend?
Maybe you could try next weekend?...
Some ideas:
Friday is I love yarn day! Make something with yarn and enjoy the process! 
The King's County Fiber Festival will be going on in Park Slope.
Ok. Well that's all I've got for now. 
Happy Yarn Day a little early!
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  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    It was nice to meet you at the PR party last weekend.
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  2. p.s. I meant to say I love the name of your blog!