Sunday, March 10, 2013


Well another week has gone by! Mine intermittently included some crafting. Met up with the Why Leave Astoria blog group "Knitting and Boozing" on Wednesday at Mosaic, a comfy bar/lounge, for some knitting fun. 2 new knitters and one pro... and me, wherever I fit in. The new people I met were great and I was able to work on my teaching skills! I was working on a pink cowl that I started on Superbowl Sunday.
just getting started Feb. 2013
and now it is being stitched up into a circle and then to block and finish. Almost there!
Besides that, I've been itching to sew something and couldn't figure out what to work on, so rather than starting something new, I figured why not working on FINISHING something already started. Striped Sundress, started 2 (maybe 3?) summers ago. I am going to LOVE this dress, but I think I'm afraid of making a mistake since I am veering off of the pattern. Instead of gathering and adding a band across the back, I put in elastic which looks great!
back of dress, with elastic
Then, for the front, instead of gathering, I put in some small pleats, which I am not so sure about. I made this dress once before and the gathering made me look busty and the band all the way around made it shifty and uncomfortable. Got my confidence up, but then realized I need some lightweight interfacing for the front band. So, will get back to that one. There's the optimism for today!
Hope you all had a great weekend. Until the next time...
...remember March is not just Craft Month, it's also Crochet Month! Let me know what craftiness you are up to.

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