Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Cowl(s)!

Ok readers, once again I skipped 2 weekends! At least the 2nd skip was for good reason. I decided last minute to enter this contest at to attempt to be a part of an online knitting project-runway-type competition! As an amateur designer, but long time knitter, I hope I have a shot! I'm betting there are some fantastic entries. I just couldn't let it go by without trying. It's been a few years since I've made an original design and I would love to challenge myself to do that! Watch the site to see how it all unfolds, I mean unravels! I'm excited! 

Holy Cowls! I couldn't resist using that title because...
I finished a cowl! And took a picture of another one finished a while ago.
Cowl #1: Knit cowl for yarn experiment--how much does one skein make? Finished!

So now my curiosity is satisfied on how much area one average size worsted weight skein covers. it measures 32 inches long and 12&1/2 wide knit with with size 9 needles, 48 stitches across in Lion Brand Wool Ease worsted weight yarn (3oz.,197 yards). Color Azalea Pink. It looks nice with curled up edges, but optimistically I will block/flatten it to be 100% finished.
Cowl #2: Crocheted cowl, photographed! I made this last year, also a one-skein project. I didn't use a pattern, just worked in loose double crochet with a big crochet hook. I wasn't testing yardage on this one, but it worked great in one-skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick.

Next, back to sewing projects! And a meetup with the Knitting & Boozing group from whyleaveastoria.comon Wednesday night—if you are in Astoria, join in at Winegasm. Such a strange name, but I'm looking forward to good wine and snacks! Each time I go, I meet some really nice people who live in my 'hood.
Since it is Crochet Month, I’ll leave you with a crochet tutorial link from The Purl Bee. Try testing your skills or learn something new. Let me know how it goes!
Happy crafting everyone!

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