Saturday, March 2, 2013

Time in the New Year

Greetings readers! It has been a long time. Blogging has been low on the to do list lately, but not for lack of wanting-to-do!
Despite the fact that my work/day job is to keep people and time organized, my home and personal project life seems to be ridiculously unorganized these days. Back in the fall sometime, I read something on Tilly and the Buttons blog about the Pomodoro Technique. Have you heard of it? I helps you focus on setting aside 25 minute increments to focus on projects. Ideally you'll get the cute tomato (pomodoro) timer to help!
It is supposed to help "eliminate the anxiety of time". Ha! Is it just me or is there never enough time to do everything you want to?

Well, I did actually finish a few projects since I last wrote. One cute thing I made for the holidays was this fair-isle mice pattern. I used bigger needles and changed one to stripes instead of fair-isle. These would be a fun cat toy gift and could even have some catnip stuffed inside. (I just used regular poly-fill stuffing) Here is the original, and mine.


cute, but not as cute

Another thing I've beeen working on since the fall is this awesome vintage sweater! The pattern is from a 1939 Polar Yarns book.

I will show you the finished one in the next post. I swear, optimistically, that it will be soon! And I did actually finish it!
Making time for crafty-ness and sharing it is an essential part of my goals for 2013. Signing off for now, wishing you better-late-than-never New Year good fortune. What have you been making lately? What are your 2013 aspirations?

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