Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pessimistic Crafts

Since the last time I wrote, I did NOT get selected for The Fiber Factor, the Certified Instructor Program in knitting at FIT was CANCELED, no knitting, crocheting, sewing or crafting of any sort has taken place. BOO!
It is not like me to be pessimistic though, so do check in on progress on The Fiber Factor. The first challenge is "Knit Your Life" which immediately makes me sing Morrissey's "Sing Your Life"
On that note, things I love...
Embroidery! (of course I have yet to do any)

Luck is on my side embroidery
embroidered sunglasses --can't stay in the dark forever!
..and the things I loathe...
...well, not being crafty lately!
It's hard to be a pessimist though when it's spring and there are projects to do and life to live! sing your da da da da...
and let me know what you love and loathe lately.

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