Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sewing tk

Hello friends and happy Spring--at least where I am, it is finally lovely weather!
I don't know why the abbreviation for "to come" is tk instead of tc, but that's how I write it, learned from my copy-editing experience.
Recently, my friend Kadee and I went to a sewing pattern party at Brooklyn General. What a wonderful shop, and FULL of sewing enthusiasts there for the Colette Patterns visit! Sarai of Colette Patterns is a lovely lady. I did stop and say hello despite being shy about it--I have been reading her blog for, like, years after all. She also seemed quite shy but was enjoying being in New York from far away Portland. Kadee and I were so inspired we bought patterns and fabric and, as former Brooklynites, vowed to return to our old Brooklyn neighborhood again soon!
Colette Sencha
I didn't take pictures, but here is the link to the Coletterie 
blog where Sarai wrote about it.

sundress in progress

I bought the Sencha blouse pattern. Sewing ahead!
Looking forward to making it and also finishing the black sundress I started 2 summers ago! Got the interfacing, still fussing over the adjustments I made to the pattern. See March post.

And of course instead of plotting to use from my existing stash of fabric, I bought some more!'ll see, I hope soon!


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