Sunday, July 21, 2013

Optimistic Crochet & Finished Sewing!

Hi again!
Here in New York it is finally cooling down. Happy to get out of the air-conditioning for a bit, even though it has been really productive to sit, relax and work on yarn projects! Anyone else agree? Do you craft when the weather is hot?
Acorn Shrug is growing!
This Acorn Shrug project is a bit tedious! Even though it is any easy stitch, it requires careful focus to catch the back loop every time--that's what makes the ridge-y texture. Unlike with some of my knitting, I can't catch up on Netflix while I work on this one. So maybe I need a good audio book. Any suggestions?

In sewing news, I totally forgot to share with you another project I worked on a couple months ago! PJ pants for my hubby! He's been playing pool a lot so when I saw this fabric I couldn't resist! I sneakily worked on them over the course of several times when he was out. Ta-da! A finished project!

Keep up the craftiness everyone--and stay hydrated in the heat!

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